July 31, 2020

When to Close a Trade

Profit isn’t a technical indicator.  That means we shouldn’t exit a trade just because we have a profit. As a matter of fact, that’s only going […]
July 31, 2020

Build a Healthier Portfolio With These Stocks

Could you imagine the world without a virus vaccine? Or even worse… the long-term impact that could have on the market?  Heck, GDP is already expected […]
July 30, 2020

2 Amazon’s of the Future…

Online retailers are one of the hottest sectors on Wall Street… If you look at the IBUY ETF, it’s up over 50% year to date and […]
July 24, 2020

Our Biggest Trading Secret, Revealed

What would you say if we told you that a company with zero earnings could be your biggest money maker?  It may surprise you, but right […]
July 24, 2020

The Strongest Retailers in the World

“Roger, what are the best retailer stocks to buy right now?”  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you already know the pandemic has been […]
July 23, 2020

Reinforce Your Portfolio With Top Home Builders

If you haven’t been paying attention to home builders and the broader housing industry, then you really need to start…  As the housing market continues to […]
July 17, 2020

Bet You Didn’t See This One Coming…

A few months back, Zoom dealt with a scandal or problem where they weren’t securing webinar links enough. That means people were jumping into random meetings […]
July 17, 2020

The Best ETFs You Need to Own Right Now

Lately, I’ve been selecting my favorite stocks to help us ride out the current economic storm, but recently… I stumbled across an article about a popular […]
July 16, 2020

How to Profit From the Housing Market in 2020

Earlier this week, the Fed announced they’d hold interest rates near zero until the end of the year to help the economy recover from the pandemic. […]