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My Next Favorite Dividend Stock

Wooooofffff….. What a week it’s been (please take a minute to read to the end)

I am so super grateful for all of you … everyone who was involved in my Automatic Income reveal last week … you all mean the world to me.

It’s officially done – finito – closed out, and I couldn’t be happier to have the group of founding members!! Can’t wait to get started (by the way if you HAVE secured your spot, I’m planning on doing a welcome class sometime this week)

But for ALL of you, regardless of if you made it in time or not I wanted to give you another stock to supplement your portfolio with – just as a way of saying thanks.

So if you’re looking at the markets right now, you know things are pretty toppy – one might say extremely overheated.

The market’s being soooo overbought is one of the big reasons why I brought you guys Automatic Income… it was a way of earning money even if the markets were to finally pullback.

But as you probably know, my team and I have taken the offer down from the internet to get the initial group of traders started, up and running.

So… let me give you the next best thing. Just some golden nuggets on collecting payments from the market in a stock that’s steady and (hopefully) not going to lose you any money.

When looking for a steady stream of income from dividend stocks, as always, it’s smart to diversify…

Here’s the thing. You could go invest in an Apple (AAPL) or Microchip Tech (MCHP) and make some crazzzzy returns on your money PLUS earn a 1-2% dividend… but here’s my issue with that.

In order to maximize diversification (which minimizes loss in a downturn), your dividend paying stocks should be the companies that are going to be a bit more steady, less volatile.

We want to find stocks that are steady – even slight growers – but ones that have a foundation, and will earn you side income (preferably at a better rate than bonds)

And some traders completely turn their noses up at dividend stocks… like they’re not exciting enough…

But I know people who have literally made an additional fifty thousand in a year just by being smart with dividends.

So without further adieu, let me give you one more of my favorite dividend picks.

This is a company that is near and dear to everyone in the U.S. (especially after the recent movie came out about the GT40 vs. Enzo Ferrari)

It’s the good ole Ford Motor Company (F) and here’s what I like about them…

#1. They’re not going anywhere anytime soon. They actually were one of the only motor companies in the 2008 crash to not take massive bailouts

#2. They have a plan going forward. Have you seen the new Mustang Mach-E? I don’t know exactly how I feel about it… it’s kinda cool, but kinda messes with my mind. But here’s the nitty-gritty. They have a plan going forward. They’ve cut out car production in the U.S. entirely, and have shifted towards their SUV, truck, and hybrid models.

#3. Their stock price is steady, and their dividend payout is generous (6.6% dividend yield) which is about three times as good as snagging a bond.

But let me get right down to what I need you to takeaway from this…

There’s a billion ways to invest… and there’s about ten really, really awesome ways to invest.

Dividends are one of those ten. Currency is one. Growth stocks. Small Caps. Options credit spreads… they are all amazing ways to invest (if you know how to harness them)

Because let’s be real – everyone wants three month growth like one of our WealthPress members below:

And I’m planning on helping you do the exact same (and more!!)

Today, I want to show you a great way to do this…

I just recently sat down with my friend, Roger Scott, and he told me about something he had been working on for years now…

By combining three factors, he’s been able to reach steady gains up to 660% in a year…

Now, not everyone can do that. So I was a bit skeptical.

But after sitting down with him for about an hour… I wonder… couldn’t anyone do this?

Catch the full broadcast here.

I hope you loved today’s mail!! Keep in touch,


Rob Booker

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