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Volatility Is Up: Try This Strategy

The S&P 500 closed over 3% lower yesterday while volatility spiked an incredible 45%.

Because markets have done nothing but go straight up for months now, yesterday’s action caught traders by surprise.

But in the grand scheme of things, markets pulling back when they are overbought is normal and healthy — even if it was sparked by coronavirus fears in this case.

So today I want to tell you about a strategy that does well when volatility increases and doesn’t rely on stocks moving higher.

In my opinion, it’s also one of the best ways to generate income from the market. 

I’ll even execute a trade today so you can see exactly how it works…

Roger Scott

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This Thursday at 1 p.m. ET a mysterious trader named “BT” is leveling the playing field by exposing the secret trades they’re making. 

It’s like having a way to detect the hidden tremors right before a massive volcano is about to explode… 

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